About ProHealth Physio

ProHealth Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic is a practice that offers Physiotherapy Services unique to the Drogheda area. Owned and run by two specialist physiotherapists, Danny & Hilary Miller have over 18 years experience in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy.


They have worked internationally in hospitals, private practices and with sports clubs in Ireland, UK, Australia and have gained extensive experience in doing so.


Danny and Hilary have both completed a Masters Degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from Curtin University in Perth, Australia, a prestigious qualification involving specialised training in assessment, diagnosis and treatment for people with musculoskeletal problems particularly neck & back pain.


The newly refurbished, modern clinic is complete with four treatment rooms and a fully equipped gym and was designed specifically to facilitate comfortable physiotherapy treatment.


There is also another musculoskeletal physiotherapist employed in ProHealth Physiotherapy so a prompt and suitable appointment is readily available for the client.  Ian McGovern has comprehensive sports and musculoskeletal experience and, together with Danny and Hilary, provides a very competent and experienced workforce.


What makes us different from most is our vast clinical experience and our distinct professionalism. We work hard to achieve patient centred rehabilitation in accordance with the very high standards of Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (I.S.C.P.) of which all our staff are members. We believe it is of paramount importance that all our physiotherapists use recognised treatment techniques, researched and affirmed by medical science. We believe each individual patient should be treated with the utmost care, attention, respect and understanding regardless of their issue or complaint. We believe in continuing professional development for our physiotherapists and ensure that musculoskeletal courses and workshops undertaken are encouraged and monitored in accordance with ISCP guidelines. It is these beliefs that set aside ProHealth Physiotherapy from other organisations and allow us to provide the very best of patient care.


As ProHealth Physiotherapy is very well established, we have developed a strong network of communication with other recognised health professionals such as specialist orthopaedic consultants, neurosurgeons, sports physicians, sports medical consultants and GP's.  We believe that effective treatment is determined by ascertaining a clear and accurate diagnosis and this often means further investigations are needed.  Therefore, we have established strong links with specialist imaging centres, meaning that if an x-ray, MRI or other such investigation is required we can ensure these tests are organised as quickly as possible.


In summary, our medical skills, knowledge, experience and strong links within the medical domain will provide you with the highest standards of assessment, diagnosis and treatment not only to resolve your present complaint but also to prevent future incidence of musculoskeletal pain.