Pilates at ProHealth Physio

Pilates is known as the “whole body workout”

Taught in ProHealth Physio by a chartered physiotherapist, we have a special interest in those who suffer from back pain, stiffness or weakness but also those who would just like to improve their core strength and muscle tone.


Benefits include:

- Improved core strength

- Improved flexibility

- Enhanced body awareness

- Improved balance and co-ordination

- Improved posture and postural awareness



Pilates is a very specific form of exercise and needs to be taught and executed correctly. Here in ProHealth Physio, class sizes are small, with a maximum of eight in each class, so you can be assured you will receive individual attention. This also means that you can take the class at your own pace, with close supervision from your instructor. This is especially important for those suffering from back pain or another injury and the physiotherapist will tailor your exercises according to your individual needs.


We run men’s-only and women’s-only classes and lunchtime classes are also available. Our physiotherapist also has a special interest in men’s and sports-specific Pilates and runs classes for sports teams also.


We also offer a 1:1 Pilates service, in which you would be assessed and given a personalised Pilates programme.


7 week class               €100

Individual session       €40