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Pre & Post Operative Care

Here at Pro Health we are experienced in helping people before and after surgery. We have close relationships with surgeons who perform ACL repairs, Rotator cuff repair, Hip and knee replacements. We also have particular experience in rehabilitation post spinal surgery.

The fitter and stronger you are the quicker you are likely to recover after surgery. A gradual programme of movement and strengthening exercises is vital in ensuring the best possible outcome.

Rehabilitation after surgery is as important as the surgery itself. Your pain after surgery is influenced by many things including your mood, sleep, activity levels and understanding of your surgery and your thoughts around it. Research is showing that the process around recovery is the biggest indicator around speed of recovery, even greater than the surgery itself.

How can Pro Health Physiotherapy help you?

We  are here to give a clear plan to gradually get you back to doing all the things in life that you like to do. We are here to help you along the journey, we don’t overtreat with passive modalities.

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